Representation of Software, Computer and Other Technology Companies

Counsel for Wang Laboratories

Beginning in 1989, Barclay represented Wang Laboratories, a computer company that at the time had 30,000 employees and over 30 in house attorneys. Barclay served as Wang Laboratories’ outside counsel for the Southern Region, which included in excess of 1,000 employees, as well as several other States. He advised the Vice President of the Southern Region and all of its other key officers and employees on all legal matters and business transactions in the Southern Region. Barclay drafted Wang Laboratories’ National Sales Agreement, as well as Wang’s National Systems Integration Agreement. He drafted and negotiated Wang’s first eight to ten Systems Integration Agreements throughout the United States, including those with Citicorp, Nubanco, the State of Georgia, the McGlinchy Law Firm, and other law firms.

Counsel for Software and Technology Companies

As outside general counsel for software companies that have developed and are licensing network attached storage software and storage area network software, as well as management application software for use on operating system software, Barclay drafted and negotiated various agreements with Intel, Bell Microproducts, Inc., Arrow Electronics, Sun Microsystems, Sabio, Sanmina and other national and international manufacturers of microprocessors, boards and storage related products, including OEM Software License Agreements, Software License Agreements, Software License and Maintenance and Support Agreements, Professional Services Agreements, Source Code License Agreements, involving the development and licensing of firmware, operating systems and application software, including both open source and proprietary software.

Barclay has represented and represents a variety of other software and technology companies, all with the purposes of enabling those companies to preserve their trade secrets, confidential information and intellectual property rights that are the basis for their generating and increasing the value of their companies, as well as to draft and negotiate contracts that not only reflect the manner in which they conduct their businesses, but also help to minimize disputes and litigation with their clients and customers through the use of specific, detailed contractual terms and conditions.

Representation of Offshore and Onshore Software Development Companies

Barclay has also formed and represents several offshore and onshore software development companies. During the course of such representation, he has negotiated and finalized contracts with foreign entities to provide software development services as a subcontractor for an Atlanta-based offshore development company that contracted with a number of substantial companies for the development of mission critical software. He drafted and negotiated the Professional Services Agreements and Software Development Agreements with those companies.