Representation of Companies and Individuals in Business Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions

Representation of Companies and Individuals

Barclay has represented a number of entrepreneurs and helped them to form and grow their start-up companies, as well as many privately held small and midsized mature businesses. His background and experience as a trial lawyer and as a trustee in bankruptcy, as well as his experience as a transaction attorney representing a wide range of businesses from software and other technology companies to construction companies, manufacturers and real estate developers, among others, provides him with a breadth and depth of experience over thirty years of practice and knowledge of numerous areas of law. He works closely with his clients to understand their businesses and to provide counsel and contracts designed to optimize his clients’ opportunity to focus on their business and its profitability and to minimize the likelihood of disputes that are likely to result in expensive and unproductive litigation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In addition to his having formed and served as outside general counsel to a number of technology and non-technology related companies, Barclay has also represented a number of these companies in the purchase or sale of assets or stock and/or in the merger of his clients with other entities. For example, he represented a medical technology company in the merger of that company with and into a limited company formed under the laws of the United Kingdom, and negotiated and successfully completed the sale of a utility reading company having industry related technology to a Canadian company. He has represented clients both in the purchase and in the sale of a software company’s assets to a company involved primarily in the manufacture and sale of hardware products, and vice versa. He has also been involved in the purchase and/or sale of a manufacturing company and of several consulting companies, and has structured an option to purchase the assets and intellectual property rights of a technology company, which resulted in his client retaining a multimillion dollar option price, as well as the technology that was subject to the option.